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30 דצמבר 2012

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MK Shelly Yachimovich at the annual J Street conference 

In the media: Labor candidates in the English-language press
The Economic Program - Key Points
Campaign Video (English Subtitles)
WE CAN DO BETTER - Labor flyer in English
Shelly's English Facebook
Labor's English Facebook

Labor Platform: A Word from the Chairperson
Labor Platform: Socio-Economic Doctrine
Labor Platform: Civil Society, Democracy and the Rule of Law
Labor Platform: Diplomatic/Security Doctrine
Labor Platform: Education
Labor Platform: Sustainability and the Environment


Labour’s Plan: A Fair Economy

I believe that all Israeli citizens should reap the benefits of the economic strength of the country, not just a lucky few.

I believe in social democracy, which means a fair economy and a just society.

I believe in a thoughtful balance between a thriving free market that encourages dynamism and entrepreneurialism, and a government that cares about its citizens and manages the country’s resources in a wise and responsible manner.

I believe that the rights to housing, a living wage, nutrition, physical security, health care, education, justice, aging with dignity - these are all fundamental rights.

After a decade dominated by Netanyahu's economic worldview - a paradigm that has only expanded the shameful and dangerous gaps between rich and poor in Israel and severely eroded the middle class - the state has abandoned its obligations to its citizens.

It's time for change.

I propose an economic plan based on five key building blocks that outline the steps required for Israel to return to being a state with a fair economy and a just society. This is a practical and detailed plan, soaring in its aspiration but firmly grounded in reality.

This is not poetry, this is prose. This is not a revolution; it is a profound change, thorough and responsible.

My detailed plan is available in Hebrew here, and since we are committed to our English-speaking constituency, we are working to make it available in English in the coming days. Within all five building blocks you’ll find a description of the current situation, the proposed solutions, and the specific budgetary sources to implement the plan.

Shelly Yechimovich
Meanwhile, here’s the essence of our courageous yet responsible plan to build a fair economy:

1. Reviving essential services.

Use of tax revenues to increase civic expenditure and to provide

  • free, quality education;
  • better and more affordable health services;
  • and more reliable public transport -

all to lower the level of family expenses and increase net income.

2. Fair wages for hard work.

Dramatically reduce the phenomenon of contract workers; increase the enforcement of labor laws, reduce wage gaps, and raise the minimum wage. Effective regulation of the capital market and increased state responsibility for guaranteeing the public's savings.

3. Lower housing and food costs.

Lower housing costs by bringing thousands of new housing units to the market, and lowering food prices through price controls and setting a reduced VAT. As a result, net family income will increase.

4. Fair competition.

Fighting industry concentration, encouraging productive industry (both hi-tech and “low-tech”), and vigorous investment in small- and medium-sized businesses.

5. Fair Taxation

Raising taxes on the very rich and on the most profitable companies; reducing unfair indirect taxes (such as reducing the VAT on basic products); raising royalties and taxes on the country's natural resources; using profits from the extraction of Israel’s gas and other fossil resources for the benefit of all citizens, not just the few.

We can’t go on with business as usual. It’s time for change.


Shelly Yachimovich
Labor Chair

english - 9 כתבות נוספות
In the last few weeks, Labor Party MKs and candidates have been featured in the major English-language newspapers. These have included:
The crises in climate, energy, natural resources and food sources are no longer marginal topics on the public agenda, but rather major issues of great importance, holding central positions on the desks of the governments worldwide. These issues influence Israel's national resilience, and the quality and standard of living for all its citizens.


שלום, שמי יונתן הרשלג. לדעתי

שלום, שמי יונתן הרשלג. לדעתי יש למפלגת העבודה סכויים טובים לקחת הכיסה של ראש הממשלה אם תצליחו לעשות הסכם עם שס ודגל התורה. אני חרדי וקרוב מאוד להרבנים הראשים, אך השכפה שלי רחב יותר משום שלמדתי כלכלה באוניווירסטי בארצות הברית, וזה נותן לי חזון למצא פטרונות שאחרים לעולם לא תארו. ולכן אני יכול לתיווך הסכם ביניכם.

what is your religion?

what is your religion?

Dear Mme Yachimovich, my name

Dear Mme Yachimovich,

my name is Mariella Palazzolo, and I’m the editor-in chief, of a niche, but well read, publication called primo Piano Scala c.

Francesco Schlitzer and I set up VerA, a boutique consultancy that tries to provide its clients with a strategic vision for their development with the belief that such development can take place only if the interests and expectations of all stakeholders and decision-makers are understood.

We also created a monthly online publication, whose name is “ Primo Piano, Scala c” (meaning First Floor, Stair c, from our address, but Primo Piano meaning in Italian also Close up), where we host interviews with relevant people from the Academia, Institutions and Business.

As an example, for the first issue we were honoured to publish an interview with prof Zygmunt Baumam and in the latest ones we interviewed Jason Zweig of the WSJ and the Pulitzer Prize . Just to mention a couple!

You can find all our interviews by clicking on:,

We are here now to ask you whether or not you are available to be interviewed for the coming up issues. We believe that it is now time to write, in our publication, about
the changes in the Israel politics, on the future of the middle east, your ideas as the new leader of the Labour Party (the social ticketI), the role of women in politics (halas! We are sure that Golda Maier is a must in your interviews ) and about the recent Ultra Orthodox demonstrations which so strongly relate to the role of the woman in society.
These topics just to give you a general idea on what we would like to hear from you about. Nevertheless we are open to any other suggestions on your side!

The interview, of no more than 4 questions, will he handled in writing.

If you believe that such interview might be feasible we will send you as soon as possible the questions that we would like to submit to your attention.

We are very grateful and would be very honoured if you agree. Looking forward to hearing from you soon, we send you our best regards

Mariella Palazzolo

Mariella Palazzolo
VerA srl
Palazzo Doria Pamphilj
Via del Plebiscito 107 00186 Roma
scala c 1° piano
citofono 112
T. +39 06 45552102
F +39 06 69922659 - M. +39 3452615351 -

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בגוף הטקסט למעלה כתוב:

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